Keynote speakers

Sir Harry Burns

Professor of Global Public Health, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK

Sir Harry Burns graduated in medicine from Glasgow University in 1974. He trained in surgery in Glasgow and was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon in the University Department of Surgery at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow in 1984. Working with patients in the east end of Glasgow gave him an insight into the complex inter-relationships between social and economic status and illness. He completed a Masters Degree in Public Health in 1990 and shortly afterwards was appointed Medical Director of The Royal Infirmary.

In 1994, Sir Harry became Director of Public Health for Greater Glasgow Health Board, a position he occupied until 2005. During his time with Greater Glasgow Health Board, he continued research into the problems of social determinants of health and in 2005, he became Chief Medical Officer for Scotland. In this role, his responsibilities included aspects of public health policy, health protection and, for a time, sport.

He was Knighted in 2011. In April 2014 he became Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University, where he continues his interest in understanding how societies create wellness. In addition to his University work, Sir Harry is Chair of the Wheatley Foundation, the charitable trust of the Wheatley Group, which supports people in the Wheatley community who may be disadvantaged or vulnerable; he is a Board member of Diabetes UK and of Spirit of 2012, the London 2012 legacy charity, a Trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal Board, and a Governor of St Aloysius College.

In 2014, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, presented Sir Harry a lifetime achievement award from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament for Public Service. In September 2016, the Scottish Government announced that he would chair an independent review of targets in Scotland’s NHS. The report was published in November 2017.

Rachael Robertson

Global expert in leadership and teamwork, Vic

Rachael Robertson returned to Australia after 12 months in the Antarctic, where she successfully led an expedition to Davis Station.  She is only the second female to ever lead a team at the Station and one of the youngest ever leaders.

This leadership role is a truly unique experience.  Antarctica in winter is totally inaccessible which means once the last ship leaves at the end of February, no one can leave the base under any circumstance until the ship returns in November. It’s a 24 hour a day, every day of the year, leadership role.

Rachael led a team of 18 people through the long, dark, Antarctic winter.  It’s the most extreme workplace on the planet where a culture of safety leadership is vital. Through trial and error she built a resilient and highly successful team based on the foundation that ‘respect trumps harmony’.

Prior to leading the expedition Rachael had 16 years experience in a variety of senior operational roles in complex and challenging environments.

Since returning to Australia, Rachael has completed her MBA, written a best-selling book on her experience, Leading on the Edge, and has presented at over 1200 conferences and events around the world.

Jennifer Tryon

Associate Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Winston Salem, NC, USA

Jennifer Tryon, PharmD, MS, FASHP, is the Associate Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Health and the Residency Program Director for the Health-System Pharmacy Administration Residency program in Winston Salem, North Carolina. 

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Grinnell College, her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Iowa, and a two-year specialty residency and Masters degree in Health System Pharmacy Administration at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.  She held leadership positions across the US, most recently as the Chief Pharmacy Officer at the University of Chicago Medical Center. 

An active member of ASHP and state affiliate organizations, Dr. Tryon is the Immediate Past Chair of the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders and has held several volunteer and teaching positions.